asked questions

Do you make K-Pop?

No. We're a Western-based entertainment company. We produce content for global audiences primarily in English, but we believe the future could be multicultural.

When will I get my audition result?

In the past, we sent out results to every applicant. However, due to the scale of our auditions now, this feature won't be provided anymore. This means that we will only contact applicants we deem interesting. 

Applicants that do not fit our criteria or standard will not receive an email. Typically we try to reach out within 2 weeks. But this isn't a set rule. If you don't receive an email after 2 weeks you were most likely rejected.

What do you look for in an audition video?

We don't have set rules. We do, however, want to see your creative potential. Therefore, your goal should be to show and convince us with your skills, character, and potential. You can do so by showing off your singing, dancing, (or both) and on top any other special skills.

How often can I audition? Is there a deadline?

You can audition as many times as you want. But we strongly advise to leave at least 6-12 months of time in between where you should focus on improving your skills in vocal, dance or both, especially if your first audition was not successful.

We open up auditions around 2-4 times a year and each have their own deadlines. Usually the submission period lasts between 4-8 weeks once an audition is live. Just make sure to pay close attention to whom we're looking for as it can change from audition to audition.

What happens if I pass the audition?

If we find your audition interesting, we will contact you, jump on video calls, and give you “homework” with different challenges. If you pass that successfully, we will invite you to our headquarters in Berlin, Germany. There you will train for 3-6 weeks among others and the best will be offered a contract. All living expenses, accommodation, and training will be covered by us. But we do ask that you pay for your own travel expenses.

Will I have to move if I'm accepted?

Yes, it's required to be willing to relocate to Berlin, Germany for the initial training period of around 6 - 12 months (could also be longer). As a baseline, Black One is casting talent to be based primarily in Europe and will be made big globally from here. Generally, we take wishes into account but there are strategic reasons that determine this decision. Also, its a good exercise to get a good feeling of the typical artist life while touring the globe.

What is an 'Artist in Training'?

This is the term we use to describe the talent that we're currently grooming and training. We decided to give our system its own name since the term "trainee" (coined by the K-Pop companies) is so overused and brings lots of misunderstandings with it.